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14 Reasons to never play golf in France !

So, you’re traveling to France... Great food ? Oh yes. Fine wine? Absolutely. Stunning golf courses? Nope !

1. Everyone knows there are no golf courses in France.

2. Okay, maybe there are a few, but they’re ugly !

3. And… they all look the same.

4. Disgusting.

5. Ewwwwwwwww !

6. And the French – they’re not fun.

7. They’re way too arrogant.

8. And the nice ones have no taste.

9. But we can’t blame them. They don’t have much beauty in their lives.

10. And their golf courses are in such uninteresting places…

11. Really…

12. Don’t waste your time traveling to France; they don’t even host any major golf events.

13. Well, there are a couple, but they’re in lousy locations ! There’s really no reason to go to France for golf.

14. Or maybe for Ryder Cup 2018 at le Golf National in Paris !