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How to Live the Ryder Cup Dream in Paris

With the 2018 Ryder Cup just a few months away and hoards of golf fans getting ready to descend on the French capital, let us pluck you from the crowd and paint you a picture of luxury Ryder Cup bliss.


Le Golf National, Hole 18

You would of course need a  VIP pass for the tournament.  After all, what golfing fan doesn’t dream of escaping the crush and jostle of the crowd to live it up in the VIP tent with fine French cuisine on demand, a glass of champagne in hand and a clear view over the 12th hole as the golfing action heats up.  That’s right, no more missing the best shot of the day just because the guy in the big sun visor decides to move his head at just the wrong moment.

Le Golf National, Hole 16


Royal Monceau Paris

Then you would need to find just the right accommodation for you.  Maybe you imagine yourself following in the footsteps of the great and the good and soaking in the rarefied luxury of a Palace hotel like the Bristol with the glamour of of bygone eras echoing all around you.  Perhaps you would prefer a comfortable but down-to-earth four star hotel in the heart of the city like the Edouard VII, just a stone’s throw from the Opera Garnier and the Louvre Museum. Or maybe what you’d really like is an authentic, Parisian, home-away-from-home experience in a luxury apartment tucked away one of the city’s historic districts.  This Ryder Cup is not in the middle of nowhere.  Its right next to one of Europe’s most beautiful, historic and vibrant cities.  Paris has it all.

Shangri-La Hotel Paris


The Eiffel Tower seen from Trocadero

If your family have vowed that they will not go on one single more golfing holiday to the middle of nowhere with you, wouldn’t the dream be for the Ryder Cup to take place in one of the most popular destinations in the world?  There is so much to do in Paris with something to keep everyone happy.  How about visiting the iconic Eiffel Tower without waiting in line or taking the kids on a treasure hunt through the Louvre or even to Disneyland?  Maybe you imagine yourself and a loved one tasting specialist wines under the elegant stone vaults of a hidden Parisian wine cellar, sampling the delights of French cuisine in a Michelin star restaurant or soaking in the atmosphere of one of the city’s lively local brasseries.

Parc Dysneyland Paris


Golf de Saint Cloud, Hole 8

The dream does not end there.  What you might not know is that  Paris is surrounded by some of the best golf courses in Europe. Most of them are closely guarded, private, member-only clubs, but what if you could be one of the lucky few to gain access to the ultra-exclusive Mortefonaine, the number 1 ranked course in Continental Europe for two years running, or tee off with a view of the Eiffel Tower at Saint-Cloud?  How about leaving the hustle and bustle of the city behind and entering the wild and magical world of Les Bordes in the heart of the Sologne forrest or even be one of the first to set foot on the Golf Nationale’s Albatros course at its reopening, just days after your golf heroes have stepped off its fairways?

Golf de Morfontaine, Hole 9

Does this all sound too good to be true?  An impossible dream?  Well, no need to give up on the dream just yet.  With our years of experience, expertise and inside contacts, Private Golf Key can make all of this and much more a breathtaking reality.