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IGTM 2017 Fun Trip


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Merci 😉


The story started at CDG Airport with warm café and fresh croissants :))

Then … the flight of our International blogger Stephanie Wei was delayed so… more coffee and croissants haha !

Meanwhile, Vincent from my team was running around in all terminals to pick up everybody, it would have been too easy if everyone was at the same spot ;))  Then, on the way from CDG to Normandy! Our first stop was Vaudreuil Golf course where we meet the BEST host in Normandy, Mr. Philippe and his team :)) Nice lunch at Vaudreuil Club house restaurant.

What are all those funny statues on the course ? Those are from Hubert Privé, the famous French sculptor !

Then we had a quick visit of the hotel with Céline the resort manager ! They got a bathtub in the living room… Well well well, it was Tiger Wood’s bedroom ;))

Heading to Deauville Golf Club ! David, the golf manager welcomes us personally and offered us the chance to drive on the course to discover a bit of Normandy 🙂 Lovely hotel on the golf course, nice club-house and real professional staff who working 365/365 to taking care of golfers.

A few minute later, here we are, on the seafront of Deauville, the luxury 5 stars hotel Le Normandy.

Check-in at Barrière Normandy, beautiful dinner in the privatized restaurant at luxury 5 stars hotel, not bad for the first night isn’t it? 😉  I like to say it was privatized for us, even if it was not… but, in my defense, we were the only one eating there ;))

Allow me to show you some lovely pictures of our dinner! It’s important because I feel we spend more time having 3 dishes french lunch/dinners than played golf ! Yes we do like spending some times seating at a table and chitchatting!

What we do after dinner? Casino ! ! I have won a couple hundreds, but I was with friends who love Mojitos…A LOT, so we spend all the money at the casino bar eventually…

Next day, after a healthy breakfast with real fresh orange juice, early departure to Granville Golf Club !

One of the only link courses in France (or Brittany ;)), couple holes in the wind and visit the old French village for others.

Hey, you know what ! Let’s do more bus, thank you Aurore for this nice and fancy bus 🙂 You can call Aurore for transfers all around France (even if we will have better price than you :)).

Transfer to Omaha Golf Club with our great host Philippe asking your preference for lunch ONE BY ONE ! Yeah,that’s the PGK services !

Omaha Golf Club, outside still raining, but inside everyone was happy and warming ! Thank you Nicolas for the personalized welcome gifts.

Good food, good wine (maybe to much for Alexandra, Philippe and I), great golf club and great people, we had all we needed, and now it’s time to go play some golf! And to do some visits.

What a view from Omaha Golf course ! Wooow

Then..let’s do more bus, no I am kidding, we are only 5 minutes from hotel ! At one of the most magnificent Chateau in Normandy, Cheneviere ! Ps, we can privatize it for your group – 29 sumptuous rooms.

Dinner at the beautiful restaurant privatize for us (this time it was really privatized) ! Fireplace ON !

After a nice cocktail where we had the chance to taste a very local drink Pommeau, let’s have another 3 dishes dinner !

We French do like to have big table and share with friends 😛

Morning breakfast at the château before departure to Paris, Philippe was willing to drive us all there but Stephane our super driver did not let him 😉 (But I have captured the moment Philippe sneak on steering wheel haha)

Welcome back to Paris, under the snow on the highway, oh well, as far as we can see the Eiffel tower from St Cloud private course I don’t mind even there’s hail coming to me ! How lucky were you ? You have seen all those amazing French Senior Ladies singing in the club-house of St Cloud for their final annual tournament then you have seen the course under the 4 seasons, rain, sun, snow and hail ! (Oops, maybe I shouldn’t have jinx the hail..)

Transfer to Marriott Rive Gauche, passing by the Seine River, Eiffel tower all lighten up just for us! (Cause we have asked the mayor to switch on the light when the bus passed !! AHAhhah ! )Welcome to Paris, the city of lights!

Free time for everyone, a couple hours for me to see my son at home ( I mean in our small apartment 😉 )!

Finally, we will play a full 18 holes golf course at Le Golf National, you have been waiting for that for sooo long !  Naaaaahaaaa ! Snowed all night ! No play 🙁

But how many times have you seen the Ryder Cup and Olympic Games golf course under snow ?

Green 15 & 18 at Le Golf National, there should be some action at The 2018 Ryder Cup !

We got to go around the course though…

Pose for the photograph ! How famous are we ? :))

Wanna ride the official buggies ? Done !!!!

Ok, since we have more time now, let’s stop at Versailles Château on the way back to Paris.

What would be a great way to end our trip in Paris before traveling to IGTM Cannes ? Oh yeah, more food and good wines. Your wish is granted, it’s time to sneak into a private Parisian wine cellar with Lionel our sommelier. It’s not like we didn’t had a great introduction to the wine history and taste a St Emilion Grand Cru 1978 ! :))

Let’s finish this day with a Seine River cruise and a good night of sleep before the show !
The view from my room at Carlton in Cannes, after the storm.

Time to work !

If you are looking for an experience in France, you know who should you call ;))

Cheers my friends and thank you for all this great days we spent together in France.

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